Trust the Program

Q: What made you reach out for intervention for your daughter? A: Severe behavior issues, running away aggression. Q: Were you afraid she would hate you? A: She already did! So I didn’t feel like we had much to lose. Q: Was this a hard decision to make? A: Yes and No. We got to the point where it felt like the only decision but it took a long time of looking into this. Q: What were some of the emotional stages you went through at the beginning stages of Horseshoe Mountain Academy? A: Fear that she was going to run. Fear that it would be a waste of time and money. That she wouLd be aggressive and not be able to stay. Q: How long did it take before you settled in and realized that your daughter was going to work the program and you were seeing some results? A: Just a couple weeks! Her being able to contact us regularly really really helped both her ad us! Q: How has your daughter grown? A: We are seeing positive attitude, grateful, respectful, happy. She has grown in communicating effectively and having control of her emotions. Q: Please share any part of the journey that you feel will help other parents that are needing help. A: Trust the Program. I was skeptical but let the Program run it’s course and am very pleased with the results. Learning that just because one program isn[t successful to not give up. The right Program can be out there. Q: Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge at Horseshoe Mountain academy? A: Scott for accepting her when a lot of other programs wouldn’t. Victoria for positive feedback and encouragement. Benji for Kindness and stability. Ethan for calm and consistent, focused therapy. Jen for being a great point of contact especially durning the financial issues. I liked how they laid out the expectations and she knew exactly what to do, what rules to follow to get to X,Y,Z. You have a good thing going and the rules and expectations are perfect! Barbara