Now We Have Our Daughter Back and We Are so Grateful to All the Staff

We sent our daughter to Horseshoe Mountain Academy after she ran away and we no longer felt we could keep her safe. Although we knew she was struggling we weren’t sure how to help. It was a difficult decision to send her because of so much uncertainty but we were guided and took a chance. Now we have our daughter back and we are so grateful to all the staff including Victoria, Benji, Ethan, Whitlee, Lindsay, Gaylin, Nick and the owner Scott. Her time at HMA was spent getting to know herself through journaling, group therapy, and one on one therapy. They have a path forward for girls that are stuck or spiraling out. There are many Programs to pick from but what I like most of ALL is that the staff truly cares about each girl, providing unconditional love and acceptance so that they can grow in a safe environment and provide the structure that they need. Jill