Oh I Knew Right Before I Got Here

Q. What did a day in your life look like before you arrived to Horseshoe Mountain Academy? A: I was smoking pot and a few pills. Sleeping every day and not listening to anyone but myself or stupid friends. Q: What were your goals in life? A: To blow all of my money on drugs and clothes. Q: What was your relationship like with your parents/family? A: It was very unhealthy. We did stupid things together and did drugs together also. Q: What were you thinking when you were taken to Horseshoe Mountain Academy? A: This is dumb, I hate girls and I probably won’t get along, but I’ll do what I gotta do. Q: How long did it take before you realized that you were getting help to get your life turned around? A: Oh I knew right before I got here. Q: Share some of the stages you went through. A: The I don’t care. Then I will work hard. Very Motivated. Doing my own thing and back to the I didn’t care. Q: What are your goals now? A: To go to college and start my own business. Q: What is your relationship with your parents/family like now? A: We just started talking like almost 3 weeks ago. But we still have things we need to work on but it’s better than what it was before. Q: If you could give advice to a family that is struggling with their daughter, what would it be? A: Try to be very understanding. Never give up no matter what. Nothing is easy, especially the hard things. It’s all worth it and she is struggling for a reason. She needs all the help she can get. So don’t give up and keep trying. Alazsha