To Be Successful in What I Want To Do (in a Healthy Way).

What did a day in your life look like before you arrived at Horseshoe Mountain Academy? A: I wouldn’t get out of bed for multiple days on end and I stopped eating meals, I would argue with my family and treat them like dirt. Q: What were your goals in life? A: To die Q: What was your relationship like with your parents/family? A: I despised my mom and step dad. Q: What were you thinking when you were taken to Horseshoe Mountain Academy? A: I guess I could try this but I do’t think it will do anything. Q: How long did it take before you realized that you were getting help to get your life turned around? A: 4 months. Q: Share some of the stages you went through. A: Grief, realization, motivation, self actualization and family support. Q: What are your goals now? A: To be successful in what I want to do (in a Healthy way). Q: What is your relationship like with your parents/family like now? A: I love each and every one of them (heart emoji). Caley