Denial, Pride, Disappointment, Angry, Sad, Improving, Confident, Strong, Independent.

Q: What did a day look like before you arrived at Horseshoe Mountain Academy? A: I would wake up, smoke, drive to school, smoke. Go to first period, smoke, skip next period and smoke, go to the last period, smoke and go home, go to work, smoke, go home, smoke, go to bed Q: What were your goals in life? A: To be an Aesthetician and live in Washington. Q: what was your relationship like with your parents/family? A: distant and untrusting and rocky. Q: What were you thinking when you were taken to Horseshoe Mountain Academy? A: This is going to be scary, but there is no turning back. Q: How long did it take you to realize that you were getting help to get your life turned around? A: About 2 months. Q: Share some of the stages you went through. A: Denial, pride, disappointment, angry, sad, improving, confident, strong, independent. Q: What are your goals now? A: Be an Aesthetician, live in Oregon or Washington, travel, have a family. Q: What is your relationship with your parents/family now? A: Closer, understanding, proud. Q: Completely let her go, never yell and just say to her, I will always be here when you need help. I trust you. Know this is your own life, think about your future, and you can trust me with anything, and we’ll face it together. Marissa