Let Someone Else Help Them so Mommy Doesn’t Have to do Everything

Q: What did a day in your life look like before you arrived at Horseshoe Mountain Academy ? A: I would wake up on the side walk or some random persons couch then I would take a few Mollies and walk to the park, once I got there I would snort my favorite Molly then I would sit in front of restaurants until someone gave me food the I would just party until I passed out. Q: What were your goals in life? A: My goals in life were to find a job and a place to live. My goal was to have fun doing it? Q: What was y or relationship with your parents/family? A: We never really talked. The only time we talked while I was on the streets was when I texted my mom and told her I was still alive. Q: What were you thinking when you were taken to Horseshoe Mountain Academy? I was scared I felt like my mom lied to me I was hopeless I wanted to give up. Q: How long did it take before you realized that you were getting help to get your life turned around? A: Probably about 2 months especially once the Program changed. Q: Share some of the stages you went through A: When I first got here I had a plan to kill myself then I had a plan to run. A month or so later then I planned to run when I got home but then I accepted help. Q: What are your goals now? To get a job, a car, and to graduate high school. Q: What is your relationship with your parents/family now? A: We still disagree but I think that these new agreements will work out just fine. Q: If you could give any advice to a family that is struggling with their daughter, what would it be? A: Send them to treatment, it can’t kill them and the world could seriously use less bratty teen girls, so let someone else help them so mommy doesn’t have to do everything.