When I Reach My One Month Mark is When I Realized that I Have a Problem

Q: What did a day in your life look like before you arrived at Horseshoe Mountain Academy? A: Smoking 2 grams of weed, arguing with mom, crying, calling my boyfriend etc. Q: What were your goals in life? A: To use to live and live to use. Q: What was your relationship like with your family/parents. A: Bad, We would argue a lot and would swear at each other. Q: What were you thinking when you were taken to Horseshoe Mountain Academy? A: Holy crap, this can’t be happening. Not Again!! Q: How long did it take before you realized that you were getting help to get your life turned around? A: When I reach my one month mark is when I realized that I have a problem. Q: Share some of the stages you went through. A: Anger at the world, Sadness, Realization, the beginning of my change. Q: What are your goals now? A: To graduate high school, maintain a positive relationship with mom, etc. Q: What is your relationship with your parents/family like now? A: Good. We better know how to communicate. Q: If you could give any advice to a family that is struggling with their daughter, what would that be? A: Always assume treatment for your daughter as a last resort. It will change her life. Serissa D.