I am Going to Miss all of You

*I’ll Never forget y’all* Q: What was it like working at Horseshoe Mountain Academy? A: The #1 reason why I wanted to work at Horseshoe Mountain is mainly because of the structure and order that HMA holds. Also to gain experience in working alongside with youth, to help them improve and be the best they can be! Q: Once you started working a few shifts, what were your first impressions? A: My first impressions were amazing! I felt like I belonged at HMA …a place where I could call my second home. The staff and management was so genuine and kind towards me, always listening and advising me as best as they can. Q: What were the things that you liked about the company, program and management? A: The positive things I saw about the company, program and management is how well rounded the staff is. Always willing to help out with whatever and mainly doing the best with what they got! HMA is literally the best company I’ve ever worked at! Q: What are some suggestions for improvement? A: NOTHING NEGATIVE ! 🙂 Q: What is the reason you are leaving HMA? A: Leaving to Calif.

  • thank you Jen, Benji, Victoria, Scott, Ethan, Whitlee, Lorna,Penny, Gayelyn, Lindsay, Kylie, Justice, and Nick for everything! I’m going to miss ALL of you! Always an inspiration to me! Lesilii