The Girls Were Very Welcoming and the Staff is Next Level Awesome!

Q: What was it like working at Horseshoe Mountain Academy? A: I liked that I was doing something to help people and make someone’s life even the littlest bit better in some way. Q: Once you started working a few shifts what were your first impressions? A: The girls were very welcoming and the staff is next level awesome! Also I noticed how amazing and structured everything was! I also realized how fun this job can be! Q: What were the things that you liked about the company, program and management? A: The structure, Jen is a superstar with scheduling and taking care of what everyone needs, Benji and Victoria run this place extremely well, I like that Scott is a also hands on owner, I got to touch people’s lives. Q: What are some suggestions for improvement? A: Favoritism and staff not on the same page. Q: What is the reason you are leaving? A: I am extremely sad to go but we are moving to Texas. Shelby