The Most Beautiful Thing is Hearing I Love You and Saying Mom Thank You!

Our daughter was out of control. She was a danger to herself and others.  I was afraid she and others would hate me, but I finally decided that I didn’t care what others thought, this was my child and I’m making this decision to send her to HMA. It was hard and scary sending her across the US but knew she needed to be far away from the environment here. I was very emotional and cried a lot and prayed a lot that I could let go. At times I felt at peace knowing she was safer where she was at. It took about 4 months before we began to have some hope. It was a beginning. May seemed to be the month that she really started to change, that was seven months later. The longer you wait for help, the worse it becomes. We are blessed that our daughter who was self-harming, everything was negative and talking about suicide is alive today. Our household was nothing but worried, angry, fear and hopeless. I know we made the right decision, knowing if things start to become out of control again that we could send her back. She is a completely different person than when she left here. The most beautiful thing is hearing I love you and saying Mom thank you!

Jen, Victoria, Ethan and all of the staff, not only for Tessa but being a support to us… THANK YOU!!

Carol C